магистратура 2014 в КазахстанеRealizing of the cluster method in magistracy, EKSTU produces the qualified specialists for modern international business and for business of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Such specialists have not only actual knowledge but also professional skills which give them opportunities to adapt to business-environment and develop their professional careers successfully.

Specialists as well as those who have bachelor’s degrees can get education at magistracy.

Those who have master’s degrees in any specialty of our university can implement business administration and direct organizations and their departments. They have the up-to-day level of education and can solve technical and administrative problems of complex and interfunctional characters.

Those who have completed their education successfully get diplomas of master’s degree in corresponding specialties. Such kind of diplomas gives the opportunity to combine business and research work, entrepreneurial and consulting activities.

The program of magistracy consists of:

  • interactive lectures;
  • different kinds of practice;
  • traineeship (at local and international enterprises and firms);
  • trainings;
  • workshops;
  • professionally certificated seminars. 

The techniques and methods used in the educational process:

  • магистратура 2014 в Казахстанеalive companionship with the professors of our university and the professors of foreign universities (South Korea, Poland, Germany, and etc.);
  • on-line conferences;
  • distant techniques;
  • interactive methods;
  • case techniques and etc.

We invite young and ambitious people to enter the magistracy of our innovative university which has gained recognition all over the world.

The fact of graduating of the magistracy at our university guarantees great future for you and your relatives.

Contact information:

East Kazakhstan, Sericbaeva Street, 19

Tel: 8(7232) 54-03-54, room. Г-1-103, 104,

reception committee, fax 26-74-09

DoAA (department) Теl.: 8(7232) 54-48-42, room. Г-1-207, E-mail: