Department of academic affairs

Department of academic affairs is structural subdivision of D. Serikbayev EKSTU and has two offices:

  • Office of organization and monitoring of educational process (OO&MEP); 
  • Registrar office (RO).

The Department of Academic Activities is engaged in current planning, organization and control of educational process; also carries out coordination of sub-department activity and other university divisions on planning and control over the execution phase of the teaching staff; the important point in the work of the academic department is the organization of control tests, medium and final students certification; organization of all types practice and employments of graduates.

The following tasks include:

  • the improvement of credit academic technology by the development of a proper regulatory framework of the University - regulations, documented procedures, etc.;
  • development and improvement of educational programs of the University in all kinds of training;
  • the development and introduction of technologies creative approach to the process of education;
  • improving the system of elective courses;
  • providing conditions for the training of qualified bachelors, masters, PhD.

Much attention is paid to coordination of the work of faculties and departments in the organization of internal and external academic mobility of students, faculty and teaching staff.

One of the main directions of academic work of the department is the coordination of development educational plans of all specialties of the University (adjustment and updating in accordance with the requirements of quality assurance of educational process under the credit technology of training and the employer’s needs);

The Department of Academic Activities in cooperation with all structural divisions of the University performs permanent improvement of educational process, improvement of quality of educational services; creates opportunities for the introduction of the latest science achievements, technology and innovation technologies in the educational process.