Undergraduate and post graduate educational programs

Code Name Accreditation Development strategy
6B02101 Design
Business and management
6B04101 E-business economy
6B04102 ІТ-management
6B04103 Bussines Management Producation Systems
6B04104 Business Accounting, Analysis and Audit
6B04105 Goverment finance
6B04106 Financial management in Science based Businesses
6B04107 Social media marketing
6B04108 Marketing innovative technology
6B04109 State financial management
Physical and Chemical Sciences
6B05301 Technical physics Download Download
6B05302 Materials for nuclear engineering
Information and communications technologies
6B06101 Informational systems Download
6B06102 Computing and Software Download
6B06103 Mathematical and computer modellinging Download Download
6B06104 Data security mathematical methods
6B06105 Computer science with specialization in virtual and augmented reality
6B06106 Computer security
6B06201 Radiotechnics, electronics and telecommunications Download
6B07101 Automation and Control Download
6B07102 Mechanical engineering Download Download
6B07103 Heat and Power Engineering Download Download
6B07104 Electrical Power Engineering Download Download
6B07105 Instrument Engineering Download
6B07106 Technological Machinery and Equipment Download
6B07107 Transport, transport equipment & technologies Download
6B07108 Robotic remotely piloted devices
6B07109 Medical engineering (Medical equipment)
6B07110 Mechatronics
6B07111 Vehicles and innovative technologies
Production and processing engineering
6B07201 Metallurgy Download Download
6B07202 Concentration of mineral resources Download Download
6B07203 Mining Engineering Download Download
6B07204 Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits Download Download
6B07205 Remote sensing method of Erath study with the use of digital technology
6B07206 Innovative methods of Uranium production
Architecture and Civil Engineering
6B07301 Architecture Download
6B07302 Geodesy and Cartography Download Download
6B07303 Production of Building Materials, Units and Structures Download Download
6B07304 Highway design and construction Download
6B07305 Civil Engineering Download Download
6B07306 Cadastre Download Download
6B07307 Land use planning Download Download
6B07308 Precision farming
6B07309 BIM - technology in designing
6B07310 Water supply and Sewerage
6B07311 Engineering systems and networks
Standartization and Certification (in Branches)
6B07501 Standartization and Certification (in Branches) Download
Forest Resources and Forestry
6B08301 Forest Resources and Forestry Download
6B08601 Water Resources and Water Use Download
Safety and security protection in industry
6B11201 Life Safety and Environment Protection Download Download
6B11202 Innovative safety management of natural and man-made emergencies
6B11203 Еngineering protection of environment
Transportation services
6B11301 Organization of Road Freight, Traffic & Transport Operation Download Download
6B11302 Logistics (Transport)
Code Name Direction, period Accreditation
profile scientific-pedagogical
7M02101 Design 2
Business and management
7M04101 Economics of Innovation 1 2
7M04102 Engineering enterpreneurship 1 2
7M04103 Digital-projects management 1 2
7M04104 HR management 2
7M04105 Industrial management 2
7M04106 Business Accounting and Audit 1 2
7M04107 Social media marketing 2
7M04108 Financial analyst 1 2
7M04109 Foresight marketing 1
Physical and Chemical Sciences
7M05301 Technical physics 2 Download
7M05302 Materials for nuclear engineering 1.5
7M05303 Physics 2
7M05304 Additive technology in Medicine 2
Mathematics and Statistics
7M05401 Mathematics 2 Download
Information and communications technologies
7M06101 Informational systems 2 Download
7M06102 Computing and Software 2 Download
7M06103 Mathematical and computer modellinging 1.5 2 Download
7M06104 Data security mathematical methods 1.5 2
7M06105 Interfaces of Human-computer interaction 2
7M06106 Big data 2
7M07101 Automation and Control 2 Download
7M07102 Mechanical engineering 2 Download
7M07103 Heat and Power Engineering 1.5 2 Download
7M07104 Electrical Power Engineering 1.5 2 Download
7M07105 Instrument Engineering 2 Download
7M07106 Technological Machinery and Equipment 1.5 2 Download
7M07107 Transport, transport equipment & technologies 1.5 2 Download
7M07108 Robotic remotely piloted devices 2
7M07109 Medical engineering (Medical equipment) 2
7M07110 Intelligent Life Management Systems 2
Production and processing engineering
7M07201 Metallurgy 2 Download
7M07202 Concentration of mineral resources 2
7M07203 Mining Engineering 2 Download
7M07204 Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits 2 Download
7M07205 Remote sensing method of Erath study with the use of digital technology 2
7M07206 Innovative methods of Uranium production 1.5 2
Architecture and Civil Engineering
7M07301 Architecture 1 2 Download
7M07302 Geodesy 2 Download
7M07303 Production of Building Materials, Units and Structures 1 2 Download
7M07304 Highway engineering 1 2 Download
7M07305 Civil Engineering 1 2 Download
7M07306 Cadastre 2 Download
7M07307 Land use planning 2 Download
7M07308 Precision farming 2
7M07309 BIM - technology in designing 2
7M07310 Water supply and Sewerage 2
7M07311 Road monitoring and diagnostic 2
Standartization and Certification (in Branches)
7M07501 Standardization and Certification (in Branches) 1.5 2
Forest Resources and Forestry
7M08301 Forest Resources and Forestry 2
Safety and security protection in industry
7M11201 Life Safety and Environment Protection 2 Download
7M11203 Engineering environmental protection 2
Transportation services
7M11301 Organization of Road Freight, Traffic & Transport Operation 2
Code Name Accreditation
Physical Sciences
8D05301 Technical physics Download
Mathematics and Statistics
8D05401 Mathematics
Information and communications technologies
8D06101 Information Systems (in Branches)
8D07101 Automation and Control Download
8D07102 Mechanical engineering Download
8D07103 Heat power engineering
Manufacturing and Processing Industries
8D07201 Geology and Mineral Deposits Exploration Download
8D07202 Metallurgy Download