EKSTU D.Serikbayev Doctoral PHD Achievements

In connection with the transition to a three-stage model of training the bachelor-master-doctorate PhD, Kazakhstan pays special attention to the training of highly qualified personnel (doctors PhD), as professional training included among the main priorities of the state policy in the Republic.

Today East Kazakhstan State Technical University D. Serikbaev has licenses in seven areas of doctoral specialties: 6D060100 - Mathematics, 6D070200 - Automation and Control, 6D070300 - Information systems, 6D070600 - Geology and exploration of mineral deposits, 6D070900 - Metallurgy, 6D071200 - Engineering, 6D072300 - Technical Physics. The university has 50 doctoral candidates: 10 of them - on the 1st course, 17 – on the 2nd and 23 doctoral are on the third senior year.

19 doctoral students are enrolled in the Mining and Metallurgical faculty, including specialty 6D070900-Metallurgy - 11 students, on specialty 6D070600 - Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits 8 doctoral students are enrolled;

14 doctoral students enrolled in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, 8 students of which are on specialty 6D072300 - Technical Physics, 6 students are on specialty 6D071200 - Engineering.

17 doctoral students enrolled in the Faculty of Information Technology and Energy, on specialty 6D070300 - Information systems - 9 doctoral students, on specialty 6D060100-Mathematics - 6 persons, on specialty 6D070200- Automation and Control 2 doctoral students.

It should be noted that D.Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University also trains specialists of the highest category, PhD doctors for other universities of Kazakhstan on target training: two - for S.Amanzholov EKSU on specialty 6D070300-Information Systems and one – for Shakarim Sem SU on specialty 6D071200 - Mechanical Engineering.

In 2013, the University has produced two doctoral students who successfully defended their doctoral thesis for the degree of PhD: on November 27, 2013 senior lecturer of "Technical Physics" sub-department, doctoral graduate of Technical physics sub-department in 2013 G.K. Uazyrhanova of specialty 6D072300 - Technical Physics defended dissertation on the dissertation council at KazNU (domestic scientific consultant - doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor M.K. Skakov, foreign scientific advisor Dr. of engineering, professor of the University Otto-von-Guerike Michael Scheffler ( Magdeburg , Germany ), and on December 20, 2013 senior lecturer of " Mathematical and Computer Modeling" sub-department, doctoral graduate of Information Systems sub-department in 2013 Smailova S.S. of specialty 6D070300 - Information Systems defended dissertation on dissertation Council at K.I.Satpaev KazNTU ( domestic scientific consultant - Dr. professor A.I. Kvasov, foreign scientific consultant - Dr.hab.inz., Lublin Polytechnic University professor Waldemar Wojcik ( Lublin , Poland).

Doctoral student of specialty 6D070600 - Geology and exploration of mineral deposits N.A. Zimanovskaya (scientific consultant - candidate of mining metallurgical sciences O.D. Gavrilenko) and doctoral student of specialty 6D072300 - Technical Physics B.K. Rahadilov (scientific consultant - doctor of physical and mathematical sciences professor M.K. Skakov) became the State scientific grant for young scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2014.