Ph.D doctorate

In accordance with Article 9 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Licensing" EKSTU D.Serikbaev has a state license number 12016669 from 02.11.2012 to engage in educational activities, issued by  Committee for Control of Education and Science of RK on 78 doctoral specialties ( license application number 001 of 02.11.2012 ., № 003 from 02.11.2012 . )


Code Name National ratings for 3 years
1 6D070200 Automation and Control 2 place
2 6D070600 Geology and exploration of mineral deposits 1 place
3 6D070300 Information systems 2 place
4 6D060100 Mathematics  
5 6D071200 Mechanical Engineering  
6 6D070900 Metallurgy 1 place
7 6D072300 Applied physics 2 place


Preparing of PhD in EKSTU realizes according to the:

  • State educational standards of postgraduate education. PhD, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 23.08.2012, № 1080 (hereinafter SES);
  • model curriculum specialties of PhD (MC);
  • academic calendar (AK);
  • individual curriculum of PhD students (IC);
  • work curriculum of specialty (WC);
  • individual working plan of PhD students (IWP).

According to the Universally Binding State Standard of Education, training of Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) is carried out within the doctoral programme and after an exclusively full-time study of no less than three years results in an award of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree on the basis of the state educational order.

For all disciplines of doctoral programme there exist agreements on cooperation with foreign educational organisations and scientific centres. Every discipline is represented by specific foreign scientists to carry out joint research, development, and patent research.

Scientific advisors of PhD students' dissertation research are doctors and candidates of D.Serikbayev EKSTU, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and university scientists of near and far abroad countries. The University has a long-term cooperation agreement in the field of education and science with foreign universities and research centers implementing an accredited educational doctoral programs:

- Institute of materials science and connecting technologies Otto-von-Guericke University (Magdeburg, FRG, HEI- partner) about cooperation in realization joint training programs in major  6D072300 – Applied physics, conducting scientific and research in a field physics of metal and alloys, development of new material and nanotechnologies, doctor of engineering, professor Sheffler M., Martinek I., are a scientific advisers from abroad HEI-partner;

- Technical university, Clausthal   (Germany),  International university, Akita (Japan), Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin (Ekaterinburg, Russia) about collaboration in realization of joint educational programs on specialty 6D070900 – Metallurgy, by scientific consultant of the foreign universities mentioned above. They are Ryspaev Talant Akimzhanovich (professor); Atsushi Shibayama (professor); Mamyanchenkov S.V. (Doctor of technical sciences, chief scientist), Zelenin V.I. (Doctor of technical sciences, professor) respectively;

-  By the Natural History Museum (London, UK) and the agreement of Prof. Dr. Reimar Seltmann and Dr. Alla Dolgopolova about cooperation on preparation of PhD students of specialty 6D070600 – Geology and exploration of mineral deposits, as well as carrying out research on geology, minerageny, new materials and nanotechnologies;

- Technical University of Lublin (Lublin, Poland), Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic), University of Izmir (Izmir, Turkey), Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University (Ukraine), Institute of Mathematics SB RAS (Russian Federation) on cooperation in the implementation of joint educational programs, specialty 6D070300 - Information systems, scientific supervisors from listed above foreign universities are Dr.hab.inz., Professor Waldemar Wojcik , Dr. PhD, associate Professor Pavel Pecina , Ph.D., professor in the Department of Computer Engineering Yahno T.M.; Dr., Prof. Krak Y.V., Dr., Senior Researcher, Institute of Mathematics SB RAS Karchevskii A.L. respectively;

- With Firat University (Turkey), the School of the PhD program on Mathematical logic, Computer science and Bioinformatics based at the University of Siena (Italy), Institute of Applied Mathematics, Baku State University (Azerbaijan) on cooperation in the implementation of joint educational programs on specialty. They are the partner universities to train PhD students in the specialty 6D060100 - Mathematics. Scientific advisors from the above foreign universities are a leading mathematician of the University of Siena, PhD. A.Sorbi, PhD, professor Etibar Panahov, doctor of mathematical and physical sciences, professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Aliyev Fikret Ahmedali oglu, respectively;

- According to the cooperation between East Kazakhstan State Technical University, nowadays there is preparing  of PhD students on specialty 6D071200 –Mechanical Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland). Professors of engineering science of  Wroclaw University of Technology Marek Mlynczak, Wojciech Wieleba, Jaroslaw Stryczek are scientific advisers of PhD thesis;

- Technical University of Lublin (Poland ) and the University g.Obuda (Hungary) for  preparation of PhD doctoral on specialty 6D070200 - Automation and Control . Scientific consultant of doctoral dissertations PhD students is  director of  " Alba Regia " György Gorok g.Obuda University (Hungary).

Scientific journal "Bulletin of EKSTU" is in the list of periodics recommended by the Committee for Control of Education and Science MES RK to publish scientific results of dissertations in 4 areas of science: Engineering, Architecture, Military Science, Earth Sciences.

Annually conferences of different level: international, state, regional pass off in the university, where PhD doctors able to keep approbation of scientific work. A modern laboratory of engineering profile “IRGETAS” works in a given university, which equipped hyaline and raster-type electric scopes, X-ray diffractomerters, unique vacuum perms, optical scopes, complex of machine for testing , where every PhD candidate conducts experimental researches.

Each PhD student has an opportunity to travel to foreign educational and science organizations and to undergo scientific training and to participate in international scientific conferences within the Republic of Kazakhstan and near and far abroad countries.

It should be noted that doctorate students who are taught on technical specialties are provided with all necessary conditions: there is a schedule of carrying out experiments in the laboratory of engineering profile “IRGETAS” which is approved annually. The experiments are made on up-to-date equipment: electron microscopes, super- and ultrahigh vacuum equipment, transmission and raster electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer, universal vacuum systems.

  The university has rich material and scientific-experimental base: the laboratory of engineering profile “IRGETAS”, 19 computer classes including 4 modern computer modules with the access to the Internet.

The University has academic campus, which meet sanitary rules and norms, health care and food services. The University also has tangible and intangible assets to provide the quality of educational services in doctoral studies.