Military Sub-Department

Military training of students at military departments of higher educational institutions is a consistent and purposeful process of their education.

Military training of students at the military department and in accordance with the requirements of the directives of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and training programs in the specialties.

The organization of the military training process at the military department includes: training; upgrading the qualifications of the teaching staff and training and support staff; methodical work; military-scientific, scientific-research, inventive and rationalization works; measures to develop and improve the educational material and technical base and material and technical support of the educational process; military-patriotic education and defense-mass work with students; measures to maintain discipline, internal order; training fees for students in military units; credits, course and final exams.

Military Department of EKSTU D. Serikbaeva prepares specialists for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan on eight military registration specialties:

  • "Combat use of combined arms units, units and formations";
  • "Operation and repair of basic armored vehicles";
  • "Operation and repair of automotive equipment";
  • "Operation and repair of the material part of ground, reactive tank and self-propelled artillery";
  • "Use of units with telephone communication facilities";
  • "Ensuring the security of information at computer facilities and automated control systems";
  • " Planning and organization of territorial defense".
  • " Combat use of tank units, units and formations".

The Military Department is staffed according to the staff schedule and has:

  • Professorial and teaching staff  - 25 people;
  • Engineering and technical staff  - 6 people;
  • Training and support staff  -  9 people.

TOTAL - 40 people.