Vice Rector for Research and Innovation

Oleg D. Gavrilenko

Oleg D. Gavrilenko was born in 1961.  He is the Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences. In January 2012 was elected as a vice-rector on science and international cooperation of D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University.

Oleg D. Gavrilenko graduated from Ivan Franko National University Of Lvov in 1984 year, speciality “Geochemistry”.

He has scientific and pedagogical and industrial experience of 28 years of work in scientific and research organizations and universities: K.I. Satpayev Altay Department of Institute of Geological Sciences, small scientific research company “Nedra”, D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University.

Since year 2006 Oleg D. Gavrilenko had worked as a Director of the Department of research and development and innovative activity of D. Serikbayev EKSTU.

Scientific activity of Oleg D. Gavrilenko related to researches on mineralogy, geochemistry, deeper processing of mineral raw materials, information technology in geology and mining. In these directions more than 60 scientific articles and educational and methodological editions were published by him. In 2006 he defended a Ph.D. thesis on a specialty 25.00.05 “Mineralogy, chrystallography” on the theme: “Typomorphysm of minerals and mineralogical charting while searching and evaluation of East Kazakhstan rare-metal objects”. He was a project founder of the creation of an engineering profile laboratory "IRGETAS" in D. Serikbayev East-Kazakhstan State Technical University, where at the present time research works are carried out in the following direction: “High technologies in the new material getting on the base of resource multiple use of mining-metallurgical industry”. On the initiative of Oleg D. Gavrilenko a student technology business-incubator “BASTAU” with network of development laboratories was established at the University.

phone1 Reception: 8 (7232) 260-540