Library’s rare stock

found3found2Rare stock of the library started to form when the library moved to a new roomy building (1996). Being supported by Rector Sidorov A.K. members of the library began to supply the fond of the basic bookkeeping with rare editions. Scientific leader of doctoral thesis Sidorov handed over for the free use many architecture and art books. The largest Kazakhstan universities such as Moscow road-transport institute, Moscow engineering and construction, Novosibirsk engineering and construction, Harkov road-transport, Tomsk road-transport institutions handed over for the free use books on construction, transport, automobile roads and bridges. Later on there happened interchange of rare editions between 11 universities of Kazakhstan. Afonina E.K., first manageress, went to Leningrad (ST. Peterburg nowadays) and selected the literature that makes up the base of the rare library’s stock. A part of the books has been handed over to our library, another part has been bought.

found1Nowadays the rare stock of EKSTU after D. Serikbayev includes editions of the XVIII-XX centuries on various scientific sectors. There are 1356 copies in the stock. There are also books on math, physics, construction instructions, automobile roads, bridges and tunnels, automobiles. Our library is especially rich for books on art and architecture. We can highlight such volumes as:

  • Neffor J. Architectural album . Т.1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8.- Paris - 1757г.;
  • Snegirev I.M. Снегирев И.М. Russian antiquity in monumants.- М.,1860;
  • Verman K. Art History. Т,1,3.- St. Petersburg,1896;
  • Pokrovsky N.V. Christian architecture monuments- St. Petersburg ,1901;
  • Kirpichev V.L. Talks about Mechanical Engineering. - St. Petersburg,1907.

Books like human beings have their own destinies, especially those who have lived 100, 200 years and more. Every edition included in the rare stock has its own history. Out task is to make them talk.