Council of young scientists

[Image] The Council was established in 2008. To be acknowledged as a young scientist a scientist should be under the age of 35 and refer to the following categories:

  • science officer,
  • trainee-researcher,
  • post-graduate students,
  • graduate and doctoral students,
  • teachers engaged in scientific activity.

Objective of the Council:

  • assistance to professional growth of scientific youth, to its active participation in fundamental and applied researches;
  • performing the role of a representative body and protection of the rights of scientific youth in the Academic council and before administration of ЕKSTU named by D.Serikbayev , and also at the state and public organizations, expression of opinion of scientific youth on various aspects of professional work and social conditions of life;
  • association of efforts of young scientists for the decision making in the areas of actual scientific problems and priority scientific problems;
  • activization of scientific-research work of young scientists through system of specially developed actions;
  • improvement of young scientists participation in research projects, scientific grant contests, competitions, programs, training;
  • formation and expansion of a network of contacts to Councils of other scientific organizations, higher educational institutions.

Functions of Council:

  • the organization of conferences, seminars and meetings of young scientists, a series of lectures of leading scientists, assistance and financial support for young scientists to participate in republic and international conferences and seminars, symposiums, training;
  • informing young scientists about funds, grants, conferences, competitions and other events in the Republic of Kazakhstan, bordering countries and far abroad, about measures of the state support of the young scientific staff in Republic Kazakhstan;
  • gathering and ordering the information for young scientists on both domestic and foreign funding and the programs rendering grant support to young scientists;
  • contribution to young scientists publications, rendering methodical, organizational and material support;
  • the organization of joint research projects among young scientists of Kazakhstan, foreign higher educational institutions and centers of science;
  • assistance to access to the expensive equipment by youth collectives, the organization of master-classes in modern methods of work on the newest equipment;
  • creation of a databank of the young scientists who have left abroad. Establishing contacts with them for the purpose of carrying out a teamwork;
  • search of solutions for scientists housing and other social problems of the youth working at ЕKSTU named after D.Serikbayev ;
  • preparation and holding sports and cultural events.