Career Center

The Center for Career Guidance and Careers is a structural unit of  D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

MISSION of the Center - the formation and implementation of an effective career path for a student, graduate, specialist on the principle of lifelong learning, as well as career guidance activities among those who appear in the university.

GOALS of the Center:

  • Assistance in choosing a specialty (specialization) in accordance with forecasting the needs of the labor market;
  • Development of student personal competencies (Soft Skills), demanded by the labor market;
  • Creation of an effective system to promote career development and professional development of a student, graduate, specialist;
  • Creation of conditions for the development of professional skills of the graduate, specialist in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.


  • Negotiating with employers, concluding cooperation agreements on internships and employment, as well as in the field of targeted training of specialists;
  • Organization and implementation of activities aimed at employing students and graduates (specialist fairs, presentations by employers, guest lectures, etc.);
  • The provision of courses and seminars for professional development and advanced training of specialists of enterprises;
  • Establishment, maintenance and development of communication with graduates to track their careers;
  • Assistance to graduates of the University in the implementation of their career plans;
  • Organization of sub-courses and seminars for the development of professional skills of graduates, as well as for their successful adaptation to the labor market;
  • Organization and conduct of special trainings, courses, seminars and master classes on the development of personal competencies of students (Soft Skills) demanded by the labor market: preparation for passing professional selection in companies, tips for writing a resume, and passing interviews, psychological orientation to one or another other field of activity;
  • Work with students on information, career guidance and career planning; Assistance in employment;
  • Conducting labor market research and providing students with information on trends, forecasts of market development and employers' requirements;
  • Assistance in choosing a specialty (specialization) in accordance with forecasting the needs of the labor market;
  • Assistance in determining the choice of a learning path depending on the further choice of specialization;
  • Assistance in choosing the place of practical training.