School of Business and Entrepreneurship

School of Business and Entrepreneurship as a new structure was formed in 2017 due to the constant demand in the conditions of the knowledge market and different competencies, mastered by the students of the university under the guidance of the highly qualified teaching staff of the school.

The rapidly changing conditions of modern enterprises, their external and internal environment state dictate us the need to study all specialties of D.Serikbayev EKSTU, including special technical ones, bases of economic sciences, entrepreneurship, management as an educational reserve for more effective and timely response to changes in professional activity and the external environment.

In the SBE structure there are four main departments:

  • “Engineering Entrepreneurship”,
  • “Finance, Accounting and Taxation”,
  • “Innovation Management”,
  • “Kazakh and Russian Languages”.

The School carries out preparation on five specialties of the bachelor's degree, four specialties of the magistracy, all training process is conducted in the state and Russian languages.