Quality Management System

EKSTU was among the first universities of Kazakhstan have implemented a quality management system according to standards of ISO 9001: 2008. Certificate of concordance issued by the British company NQA GLOBAL ASSURANGE № 20688 from March 21, 2006. EKSTU has a certified quality management system.

Sphere of application of QMS EKSTU apply to:

  • development and delivery of educational services in the field of higher professional education
  • conducting of researches and scientific and industrial activity
  • the implementation of professional development programs.

Within the scope of QMS developed the process mode at the university. Processes was defined, identified and classified in this model, appropriate for QMS of D.Serikbaev EKSTU.

The QMS model consists of several special instruments:

  • a regular monitoring of educational process;
  • independent final control and assessment of student knowledge.
  • the automated system of collection and processing of information about the educational process is presented in electronic view at S-PORTAL;
  • the effective motivation of work for the staff of the University (Rating for the staff of the University )
  • For the purpose of active involvement of PTS and employees in positive changes of the process using a "Kaidzen" strategy - (a strategy of continuous improvement) 
  • analyze of the satisfaction of internal and external customers
  • effective using of corrective procedures and preventive actions
  • conducting of internal audits.

There is the Coordinating Council on the QMS. It defines the development strategy and policy in the field of quality, effectively control the management of processes. The Coordination Council on the QMS is functioning on the basis of the "Regulations of the Coordinating Council of QMS EKSTU." The head of the Coordinating Council on the QMS is Representative of quality quide. 

There is also a structure that responsible for the functioning and maintenance of the QMS - Management of strategic planning, development and quality. There are responsible for quality on the faculties, departments and sub-departments, that directly manage by the service of quality in subdivision.

QMS documentation consist of the Quality manual, policy and quality objectives, documented procedures (27) Instructions (6) the Regulations (22), forms (12). These documents are available to all users of the educational portal. The university has a system of electronic document management «Directum», that has significantly improved and made efficient document management overall.

The university has a system of evaluation of customers satisfaction of services provided:

  • analyzing the results of self-attestation of the university;
  • conducting of scheduled meetings of the senior management with the students and staff of the university, the general meetings of departments, groups;
  • questionnaires of university entrants, students, alumni, teachers, employers, etc .;
  • analysis of the requests and feedback from the organizations about the graduates;
  • analysis of release of methodical products;
  • analysis of the release of scientific products by customer feedback, acts of acceptance and delivery, the quantity and the level of scientific publications, scientific forums.

В частности, на уровне университета ежегодно проводится несколько видов анкетирования:

In particular, there are several types of questionnaires in the university: «The university assessed by the graduates» ; «A teacher assessed by peers»; «A teacher assessed by students»; «Questionnaire of first-year student»; «QMS assessment of EKSTU» ; «Employer questionnaire»; «Satisfaction with Labor condition». Results of questionnaires are analyzed and reported on the meetings of the collegial bodies, if necessary, corrective and preventive actions are accepted. Materials of questionnaires presented on the site of the university.

At the level of the procedures carried out a questionnaire of hearers of various educational seminars, that are organized by the university, as well as a questionnaire of students to study assessing the quality of teaching subjects ("Questionnaire feedback on discipline"). 

By the principle of continuous improvement and involvement of staff at the University approved Documented procedure EKSTU 806 "Kaizen strategy," it has objectives of enhancing the involvement of all staff in a process of continuous improvement of the quality of all activities. It regulates all procedures associated with the processing, filing and examination of ideas, as well as the procedure for remuneration of the employee for the idea and its implementation.

In addition, as part of a process of continuous improvement designed documented procedure "Internal and external benchmarking."

Thus, the presence of EKSTU certified of QMS is a guarantee of quality of educational process among existing and potential customers. The effectiveness and efficiency of the QMS is the basis of competitive advantage of the University, and as a result, its strong financial position and high level of profits.