Virtual help desk

Virtual bibliographical reference list:

Help desk “Virtual bibliographic reference” starts to work on a site of EKSTU Scientific Library. Here you can receive the information book or magazine you need, and other factographic information (dates of life, biography data, dates of historical events, values of various terms, etc.). Answers to inquiries are carried out by the key specialists of the library.

The order and conditions of performance of inquiry:

  • Inquiries are accepted only from the faculty, post-graduate students and undergraduates
  • One reader can make only one inquiry a day.
  • Inconsistent questions are deleted.
  • If you have some questions we shall answer only one, at our discretion.
  • We do not answer the questions connected with granting of ready abstracts, course and degree works, and also with the information of commercial character.
  • Specialists of the library carry out information by single inquiries of teachers, post-graduate students and undergraduates within 24 hours of a request.
  • Fill necessarily all the fields of the order form to receive information.
  • Inquiries are accepted by e-mail <> only from readers of Scientific Library of the university. The information is given by e-mail.
  • To receive the alert information you should have an e-mail address.

The order form: