Committee on Youth

The Committee has been created to organize the full support of the students' interests, and for implementing authorities in the field of the youth policy.

The main goals:

  • The formation of the student's personality, development of his internal capacity and raise goodwill towards the others;
  • Student participation in students' self-administration (at student meetings), their joint decision-making on issues of student life at the university;
  • Identifying leaders among the students' contingent and creating conditions for the team formation during the stage of the Committee creation;
  • The development of management skills in leading groups of students.

The main objectives:

  • Implementation of the youth policy and the development of measures for its timely implementation;
  • Attracting students to participate in the development of proposals to improve the quality of the educational process in the light of scientific and professional interests of students;
  • The formation of citizenship, ensuring interaction with political institutions, the development of social activity of the young;
  • The development of intellectual and creative potential, promoting students' self-realization in the educational, scientific and artistic activities;
  • Assistance to the university management in addressing the educational and scientific problems in social programs for leisure and everyday life of students, to promote a healthy lifestyle;
  • Coordination of the public organizations activities of the university on the youth policy implementation, timely resolution of the problems of youth;
  • Interaction with higher authorities, youth organizations on the issues related to practical and relevant problem solving of the university youth.