Start-up Academy

Mission of Start-up Academy: to become the center of generation and implementation of business ideas and start-up projects in the region.

The purpose of the Start-up Academy: the creation of an enterprise ecosystem through the focus of academic, scientific, educational activities on entrepreneurship and the creation of an entrepreneurial infrastructure.

To achieve this goal, the Start-up Academy should solve the following tasks:

  1. Educational - creating an entrepreneurial environment and the formation of an entrepreneurial culture;
  2. Academic - change the educational process and its focus on project activities through the formation of interdisciplinary modules;
  3. Scientific and practical – creation of conditions for experimental and practical activities, development of initiatives by research teams and the commercial implementation of the results of research, social and business projects;
  4. Organizational support - the creation of scientific experimental and scientific-methodical base, experimental sites, co-working center and the provision of research teams with additional opportunities;
  5. Interaction with business and business support institutions - consulting support for startups, retraining and teaching the teaching staff the basics of business by leading business coaches, successful entrepreneurs and business support institutions.

The tasks and functions of the Start-up Academy are implemented within the model:


Bakhytgul S. Kumarbekova – Engineer of high qualification level

*  Forms "piggy banks of business ideas" based on market research and the needs of enterprises;

*  Develops, monitors and adjusts the plan for the purchase of equipment necessary for the implementation of start-up projects for students;

*  Creation of a scientific experimental and methodological base for carrying out fundamental and applied scientific research in accordance with the Plans of research and scientific and innovative work of EKSTU. D.Serikbayev;

* Opens experimental sites for scientific-theoretical and practical research, testing and commercial implementation of innovative technologies, IT-technologies, artificial intelligence technologies and information security;

*  Plans to train young start-ups and innovators through entrepreneurship support programs organized by NPP Atameken, FRP Damu, and others, with the goal of further participating in programs for financing business projects;  

*  Forms the base of youth startup projects;

*  Organizes and holds international competitions for start-up projects and conferences