Center of commercialization results of the SRED

Center of commercialization results of the SRED was created by the Order of the rector of D.Serikbayev EKSTU № 42-P of "10" on February 2016 "On Amendments to the structure of the university."

Center of commercialization results of the SRED (hereinafter - the Center) is a subdivision of the Office of research and innovation (R & D management and ID) of the East Kazakhstan State Technical University named after D.Serikbaev (hereinafter - the University).

The main tasks of the Centre:

  • Ensuring interoperability and the formation of close mutually beneficial cooperation with the commercialization of office staff.
  • Analysis of Patent Portfolio University.
  • Search for promising projects that have the potential for commercialization.
  • Providing all the visiting academic staff seminars on intellectual property and technology commercialization methodology.
  • Negotiations and discussions with the heads of departments and researchers for scientific, technical and commercial viability of the project.
  • Participation in the establishment of the project team to create new business for monetizeable project.
  • Advising applicants and potential partners on the conditions, forms and mechanisms of financing.
  • Organization of the evaluation, monitoring and project management.
  • Organization of and participation in the preliminary financial analysis of innovative projects, as well as their evaluation and prequalification of bidders for the possibility of financing.
  • Preparation and processing of requests for services on the justification of the concept and commercialization projects.