In 2002 the scientific - production center «SATYM» for certification tests of motor fuels and industrial oils was created on the base of the East Kazakhstan State Technical University named after D.Serikbaev.

Currently, SPC «SATYM» is a highly professional testing laboratory in East-Kazakhstan region, which is accredited in the State system of technical regulation in accordance with the international standard ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2007.

In SPC «SATYM» Quality Management System ST RK ISO 9001-2009 acts in accordance with the scope of accreditation, the purpose of which is to provide high quality services for testing of petroleum products, the reliability of their results, customer privacy.

The Center conducts independent expert research of petroleum such as motor gasoline, diesel fuel and industrial oils. Moreover the center provides adherence of requirements of intergovernmental and state standards or other normative documents.

3SPC «SATYM» is equipped by a modern proof-of-concept equipment and measuring facilities, which are necessary for quality realization of tests in order to provide authenticity and exactness of results.

The main focus of the center is to determine the quality of diesel fuel , gasoline and motor oils on accordance with the requirements of Technical regulation of Customs Union on the row of indexes (diesel fuel for to 18 indexes, petrol for to 14 indexes and technical oils for to 14 indexes). On results the conducted tests protocol of the set form is given out a customer, complete technical consultation appears.

Center staff has the necessary qualification and competence in the field of tests of motor-car fuels and technical oils. All employees have higher education and graduate degrees.

In SPC «SATYM» research works are conducted in the areas of estimation of properties of motor-car fuels and technical oils, and also their influence on an environment and reliability of a transport technique.

The Center participates in the international program of the Euro- Asian Cooperation of National Metrological Institutions with the programme (KOOMET) on the joint development of reference materials held All-Russian Research Institute of refining and engineering centers of Standards and Technology «INTEGRSO» Russian Federation.