International technology postgraduate school Oskemen

International technology postgraduate school Oskemen (ITPS OK) is a high new model technical school in Kazakhstan and Central Asia that collaborate with foreign and national partners and train  master students, Ph doctorate students and post-doctorate students through solving real problems of science-intensive industries of national economy.

Mission of ITPS OK – to train specialists of the highest qualifications (top-specialists) of international level oriented on formation of science-intensive economy

The school is attractive due to:

  • joint project-oriented post-graduate programs with foreign universities;
  • step-by-step transfer of programs into English;
  • educational programs “dual diploma” with foreign universities;
  • involvement of famous successful specialists from production that are experienced in practical activities as managers of different levels into teaching staff;
  • involvement of scientists from foreign universities into teaching staff;
  • Innovation educational programs for 2018-2019 academic year.


Dean of ITPS OK

Tamara Segeda

cell-phone +7 777 298 15 06




Yana Ruleva

cell-phone +7 705 662 55 95


You will find us in the EKSTU main building, 19 Serikbaev street, room G-1-235