D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

International Technology Postgraduate School Oskemen, ITPS OK

Welcome to ITPS OK (International Technology Postgraduate School Oskemen)!

Today, in the era of “knowledge and science” and with the beginning of fourth industrial revolution, Kazakhstan, as well as other countries in the world, is facing tough competition in the field of education and science. The development of higher education in Kazakhstan basing on Bologna Process leads to the concentration of efforts in training of postgraduate students, i.e. Master and Doctoral students. Increase in global market, will increase pressure on education system, need for excellent specialists and quality education basis. Economy, business and science become cross functional platforms for sustainable development. For many countries, education strategies are the keys for gaining competitive advantage and they create education and research opportunities worldwide. Development of Technology School of new model in Kazakhstan and Central Asia together with foreign and national partners will create opportunities to train Master’s, PhD and Postdoctoral students through the solution of real problems of science-intensive sectors of the economy. Training of highly qualified and competitive graduates, the development of modern systems of education that meets international standards will, positively, lead to success and prosperity of the country as a whole.


In the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan there is no system of postdoctoral studies (postdoc), which forms the basis of training system of qualified specialists. Education in ITPS OK provides various competitions for research funding, the possibility of the development of research area and undertaking scientific internship in leading universities of the world. Sharing of experience and the application of best international practices will contribute significantly not only in education, but also the economic and scientific activities of the country. Providing with the necessary information and its correct analysis is the key to success and achieve the objectives.